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Role of Digital Media in Business Promotion

Today, in the 2014 it has become utmost important to market your products and services across the world in order to remain in competition. Even big giants like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and Ebay are spending in millions to sell their products and services in this competitive market. Whether you are big player or a SME, if you need to keep yourself in competition you have to set up a marketing budget that is divided into various mediums such a print, television, outdoor, digital media and POS.

Buy today, many people say that there is nothing like print or TVC when we speak about marketing mediums but if we follow the trends then all of us would be surprised to now that there are 112,000,000 people who are active on Facebook in India (the leading social media platform), is not that a huge number? Now, where so many people are already there then it would be a nighmare if you don’t advertise on these channels as then you would be losing out to a huge potential.

Okay let us compare, how much does a TVC campaign would cost you on a channel? Not less than $10,000. On the other hand you can start your adverting camping on Facebook with a daily spend of $1 only. I don’t think any medium can beat these figures.

I am not saying that we should not use traditional mediums but today, role of Digital Media has become very important as it helps you to build, connect, engage and influence your audience and potential consumers/users and clients.

As per my experience your marketing budget for the Digital Media should be divided into the following mediums and activities :-
1.  Enhancing User Interference & Developing Call To Action Buttons – First and foremost thing is to ensure that our website is user friendly, mobile compatible, cross browser compatible and should also have call to action buttons like Toll Free Number, live chat widget, quick contact us form.

2.  Search Engine Marketing – The best and most used startegy when you are looking to use pull based advertising tactics, search is made when a user/consumer is in need and if we display our product there then Bingo! I do not have to say anything more.

3.  Social Media Marketing – This would help you to engage and interact with your audience at the place where they spend 2 hours of their daily life.

4.  Display Advertising & Re marketing – Ever wondered that how come we see the ads based on our interest? Or the ads of the products which we have recently visited or viewed in some e-commerce store? This wonder has been possible through re marketing display ads which follow us based on the cookies that they store in their databases.

5.  Newsletter & Emailers – Crucial as per the recent reports, regular emailers and newsletters keeps your subscribers updated and they are likely to visit your website regularly.

6.  Analytic & Reporting – Some people say that if you can not measure it then it means that you can not manage it. So whatever activities you perform online it is very important that you keep a regular check on the activities and make changes accordingly. Through reports you can also plan for the coming quarters and financial year and in some organization it is an important tool to analyze and forecast their sales figures.

The above points would briefly help you to understand that all of the mentioned digital mediums and channels are very much important to follow in case you are planning to use Digital marketing agency in your Business Promotion activities. Also, Digital medium is quite measurable as you can keep the check on every penny spend online and re frame your strategies based on the response received from the viewers.

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